Earlier today, it was announced that Dehumaniser was nominated for the 2016 Develop Awards.

“108 companies and 36 games shortlisted for this year’s awards, with the winners to be revealed on July 15th in Brighton,” announced the Develop Awards, with all nominees being from the UK and Europe. Ranging from AAA game studios to small-time independent developers, we were excited to be considered for the list. Listed amongst the Tech & Services category, we’re up against some amazing competitors:

Design & Creativity Tool

  • Dehumaniser – Krotos
  • Enlighten – Geomerics
  • Fabric – Tazman Audio
  • Granite – Graphine Software
  • SpeedTree For Games – SpeedTree
  • Substance Painter 2 – Allegorithmic
  • Wwise – Audiokinetic
  • Yebis 3 – Silicon Studio

So check back July 15th to see if we won!

For more information about the Develop Awards and a full list of all the nominees, please visit their site here.